New Jersey Fire Prevention & Protection Association
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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS (types/descriptions):
If you qualify and would like to join the Association you can click on the title for the membership application.  You can also obtain an application from any Association Officer.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Any industry, company, architect, or engineer shall be eligible as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER Associate memberships shall be $300.00 per calendar year.  Associate members shall have no general vote.  Associate who join the Association can submit their business emblem/icon to be posted onto the website.  Emblem/icon should be emailed to njfppa@gmail.com  

INDIVIDIAL MEMBERSHIP:  Any current employee of a New Jersey based:  State, County or Local Fire Marshal's Office; or a Fire Department or of a UFC Local Enforcing Agency shall be eligible as an INDIVIDUAL MEMBER.  Anyone currently: certified as a Fire Official, certified as a Fire Inspector, licensed as a Fire Sub-code Official, or licensed as a Fire Protection Inspector shall be eligible as an Individual Member.  Individual members must declare their County affiliation for the purpose of voting for a Regional Vice-President at the time of payment of their dues.  Each member may only cast a vote for the Regional Vice-President position that represents the County they have declared.  Each member shall care one (1) general vote.  Individual memberships shall be $50.00 per calendar year.

DEPARTMENT MEMBERSHIP:  New Jersey based Fire Departments shall be eligible for a DEPARTMENT MEMBERSHIP which entitles that department to five (5) individual memberships.  The representatives of the memberships shall be designated at the time of payment of the annual dues.  Fire Department membership shall be $200.00 per calendar year for up to five (5) individual members.  Fire Safety Bureaus may also use this type of membership.

COUNTY ASSOCIATIONS:  **NEW**  Any County Association shall be eligible as an COUNTY MEMBER.  Association memberships shall be $200.00 per calendar year. Associate members shall have no general vote.  

New memberships are welcome!!!!!